Love Colour

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Love Colour, by Anna Starmer is published November 2018. It is a visual feast, filled with hundreds of Anna’s images and colour inspirations from around the world.

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"International colour expert Anna Starmer's new book, Love Colour: Choosing Colours to Live With, combines advice and eye-catching photography with a pull-out colour chart to help give you the confidence to transform your home into a haven of hues." House Beautiful Magazine UK

"Having worked with top interior brands including Anthropologie, Dualit, John Lewis, and Marks & Spencer, Anna Starmer's expertise in tones and accents is unparalleled. Love Colour: Choosing Colours to Live With is a complete guide to help you to embrace colour and choose the right hues for your home with confidence." Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathrooms Magazine UK

Dualit for John Lewis

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Dualit has been working with leading global colour and trend forecaster, Anna Starmer to create a new range of colours for the iconic Classic Toaster. Anna Starmer tells stories through colour. Anna developed 4 iconic product colours, then styled and shot the advertising campaign exclusively for John Lewis.

Dualit New Neutrals

Luminary Autumn Winter 2019

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Anna Starmer is the creator and publisher of Luminary Colour; the definitive global colour forecasting guide, trusted by the world’s leading brands and manufacturers. Luminary Colour has a proven track record of getting colour trend right, two years ahead of the season. This limited edition publication is a labour of love, containing hundreds of Anna’s photographs alongside 60 hand dyed fabric swatches, key season colours and accurate colour combinations.

Luminary Colour

BlackParrot Studios

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BlackParrot are a UK based interior design company. Anna was commissioned to shoot two of their homes.

Sideline Clothing

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Sideline is a beautiful casual womenswear brand based in the UK.

Sideline Clothing

Cotswolds Interior

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Architectural shoot of this beautiful new home.

Abby Mosseri Jewellery

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A shoot to visualise the story of the artisan.

Abby Mosseri

Luminary Colour 2020

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