Anna Starmer has an exceptional sense of colour and materiality within her work. Her visual imagery has been described as sensual, visceral, rich and tactile. Anna curates and styles most of her own work, her background and understanding of colour and surface imbue a sensitivity and instinctive mood, far beyond the realms of simply capturing an image.

Anna is a colour magpie, a treasure hunter, gathering ideas and inspirations from around the world. As well as creating still life, and shooting interiors, she travels the globe each season, taking beautiful photographs to inspire her clients. Anna uses photography to tell a story. The images create a mood and build a narrative. Anna collaborates with her clients, offering insight and experience, which extends way beyond the photographic image.

Colour Consultant

Anna has spent over 20 years ensuring the world’s leading fashion and interiors brands stay ahead of the curve. Her background in design and colour consultancy, gives Anna a deeper connection with product, surface, pattern and texture – which plays out in her photographic aesthetic.

Anna has worked with some of the world’s most renowned brands, from GAP to Marks and Spencer, Manolo Blahnik to J crew, Estee Lauder, Victoria's Secret, Triumph, Anthropologie, Dualit and John Lewis.


Anna is also recognised globally for her bi-annual industry colour books. Luminary Colour is a hand-made colour forecasting guide, invested in by the world’s leading brands and published 2 years ahead of the season. Luminary is created to inspire design and provoke new ideas around trend and colour. As well as Anna’s beautiful photography, each book contains 60 hand dyed fabric swatches, printed colour palettes and future lifestyle trend concepts.

“Anna Starmer’s Luminary is a unique specialist product; an essential resource and creative remedy for professionals in the realm of design work.” Architectural Digest, Australia

Love Colour is Anna’s second consumer book, available to buy at all good book stores. Anna shares her passion for colour to help you transform your home interiors. Featuring Anna’s stunning photography alongside colour charts and essential advice, Love Colour explains how to translate colour inspirations into colour solutions, and teaches you how to embrace your new-found colour confidence. colour

"International colour expert Anna Starmer's new book, Love Colour: Choosing Colours to Live With, combines advice and eye-catching photography with a pull-out colour chart to help give you the confidence to transform your home into a haven of hues." House Beautiful Magazine, UK